Be anonymous, we respect your privacy!

2 types of casting worth 1000 Euro

After we have received your application, we will contact you (by Email) to setup a time to make your sedcard. We will have a professional photographer to shoot you a sedcard and there will be an agent to make your casting. We need to make a professional shoot, to show our clients what each model represents. We will pay all expenses and we give you a bonus of 1000 Euros for every casting made. It will not cost you a cent.
We have two kinds of castings and casting-shoots.

  1. A regular casting
  2. A casting where you can wear a wig or a mask to be anonymous. Both castings are worth 1000 Euros.

We respect your privacy

If you have the dream to become an adult erotic entertainer/model, but don’t want to be recognized in public. Then we offer you to become an anonymous model. On your sedcard and castingshoot we provide you with a mask, big sunglasses and things like that, so you can hide your identity. The payment will be the same as the regular models. We respect you personal privacy.

Anonymous model                     Regular model


The pornography industry is a multi-billion dollar industry that involves the production and distribution of sexually explicit materials, such as videos, photographs, and literature. The pornography industry is often considered to be a controversial and stigmatized industry, and it has faced significant legal and social challenges over the years.

Pornography has a long history, with evidence of erotic art dating back to ancient civilizations. In modern times, the pornography industry has been driven largely by advances in technology, such as the proliferation of the internet and the development of streaming video platforms. Today, pornography is widely available online and through other channels, and it is a significant part of the global entertainment industry.

The pornography industry employs a wide range of people, including models, actors, directors, photographers, and support staff. Models in the pornography industry may be required to perform a variety of sexual activities on camera, and the work can be physically and emotionally demanding. Many models in the industry are independent contractors, rather than employees, and they may be responsible for finding their own work and negotiating their own rates.

The pornography industry has faced significant criticism and controversy over the years, with many people arguing that it objectifies and degrades women (and men) and contributes to unhealthy attitudes towards sex and relationships. Others, however, argue that it is a legitimate form of artistic expression and that those who work in the industry should be treated with respect and dignity.

Overall, the pornography industry is a complex and multifaceted sector that involves a wide range of activities and employs a diverse group of people. While it is not for everyone, it is an important part of the global economy and a significant cultural force.

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