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Erotic modeling is a form of modeling that involves posing for photographs or videos that are intended to be sexually suggestive or suggestive. This type of modeling is often associated with the adult entertainment industry, and models may pose for websites, magazines, or other media that is intended for an adult audience.

Erotic modeling can be a controversial topic, as it often involves the exploitation of women (and sometimes men) for the sexual gratification of others. Many people argue that this type of modeling objectifies and degrades the models, and can contribute to negative attitudes towards women and unhealthy sexual attitudes more generally.

Despite these concerns, some people do choose to pursue erotic modeling as a career, and there are a variety of ways that they can do this. Some models may work for adult entertainment companies or websites, posing for photographs or videos that are sold to an adult audience. Others may work as independent contractors, creating and selling their own content online or working as webcam models.

There are also a variety of different sub-genres within the field of erotic modeling, including glamour modeling (which often involves posing in lingerie or swimwear), fetish modeling (which may involve costumes or props), and art modeling (which may involve posing for drawings or paintings).

Overall, erotic modeling is a complex and controversial topic that raises a variety of ethical and social issues. While some people may see it as a legitimate form of artistic expression, others argue that it perpetuates harmful attitudes and behaviors towards women and sex.

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